[FLASH-USERS] Not declared Parameters

刘畅 changliu at mail.bnu.edu.cn
Thu Dec 7 02:15:36 EST 2017

Dear all users,

I am a new user of FLASH code.
When I tried to run the example of sedov explosion(flash.par is copied from /FLASH4.4/.../SimulationMain), I got a warning saids:

WARNING: Ignored Parameters :
These parameters were found in the flash.par file, but they were
not declared in any Config file for the simulation!

It's strange because I think they should be in the RuntimeParameters.
Besides, sedov_hdf5_ck_* files cannot plot the correct results, the patterns are all blank.
Could you please tell me how to fix it? The attachment is the .log file.
Thank you!

Chang Liu
PhD candidate
Institute of Laser Engineering
Osaka University, Japan

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