Flash Tutorial Talks

2012 Flash Code Tutorial Talks at RAL, UK

May 30 - June 01 2012
Anshu Dubey Architecture & Infrastructure
Klaus Weide Grid etc
Dongwook Lee Hydro & MHD  (Right click to save if too big to open up in your browser).
Milad Fatenejad 3T Hydro
Klaus Weide EOS & Opacities
Petros Tzeferacos Simulations using FLASH
Anthony Scopatz Luli Simulations
Anshu Dubey Lagrangian Framework & IO
Milad Fatenejad Laser & Radiation
Dongwook Lee Adding a Simulation
Anthony Scopatz Using VisIt
Anthony Scopatz Using yt
Klaus Weide Simulation directory I
Klaus Weide Simulation directory II
Petros Tzeferacos Adding new capabilities