Mailing Lists

The Flash Center maintains two mailing lists for users of the FLASH code. The first, Flash-Users,, is for general use by FLASH code users to facilitate the exchange of information about the code.

The second list, Flash-Bugs, should be used to report bugs in the FLASH source code. The members of this list include the developers of FLASH.

You can sign up for these Mailman mailing lists by visiting the following pages: Flash-Users and Flash-Bugs

Access to the Flash-Users and Flash-Bugs mailing lists archives are public.

For those accessing the site outside the 128.135.152.x subnet, a login/password is required for the local mailing lists to view all the lists within the center.

These additional lists are private and are only accessible by members of the individual mailman list.

  • Flash-Bugs List
  • Flash-Users List