Known problems with FLASH Release 3.1.1

Several problems have been identified in FLASH Release 3.1.1. In the hopes of saving much user frustration, these bugs are identified below. FLASH Release 3.2, released July 2, 2009, addresses each of these problems. We apologize profusely for any difficulties you may have encountered.

The top-most affected unit is shown for each problem. If you don't use that sub-branch of the code tree, then the problem will not affect you.

  1. Driver/DriverMain
    Diagnostic messages may be lost in the event of an abort.
  2. Grid/GridMain
    Grid_outsideBoundBox API function does not correctly handle the situation when a particle is exactly on a block boundary.
  3. Grid/GridMain/paramesh/paramesh4
    It is possible for neighboring PARAMESH leaf blocks to be separated by more than one (1) level of refinement. This bug breaks a fundamental assumption made by the PARAMESH package.
  4. Grid/GridMain/paramesh/paramesh4/Paramesh4.0/PM4_package
    Unnecessary print statements occur when using MHD.
  5. Grid/GridMain/paramesh
    PAUSE statements should be replaced by Driver_abortFlash.
  6. Grid/GridMain/paramesh/paramesh4/Paramesh4.0/PM4_package
    Problem with Balsara's prologation and guardcell filling routines.
  7. Grid/GridMain/paramesh/paramesh4
    Possible danger: MPI error handler is set to ignore all errors.
  8. Grid/GridSolvers/Multigrid/PfftTopLevelSolve
    PFFT does not generate a new FLASH to PFFT mapping when the grid changes.
  9. Grid/GridParticles/GridParticlesMove, GridMain/paramesh/paramesh4, source/Grid/localAPI
    Particles may be moved onto the wrong block when there are periodic boundary conditions and the destination wrap-around neighbor is at a different refinement level.
  10. Grid/GridParticles/GridParticlesMove/Paramesh/leafLevel/PointToPoint
    A race condition may occur between data messages generated from individual compute nodes and metadata messages.
  11. Grid/GridParticles/GridParticlesMove
    The Fortran code that appears when DEBUG_GRIDPARTICLES is defined does not compile.
  12. physics/Gravity/GravityMain/Poisson, physics/Hydro/HydroMain/split/PPM/PPMKernel
    Pre-processor definitions GPOT_VAR and GPOL_VAR are inconsistent when using constant gravity with active particles.
  13. physics/Hydro/HydroMain/unsplit/MHD_StaggeredMesh
    Does not work when combined with gravity.
  14. source/physics/Hydro/HydroMain/unsplit
    Incorrect use of GPOL and GPOT for gravity extrapolation to n+1/2 step.
  15. IO/IOMain/hdf5
    Possible danger: HDF5 Error handling switched off.
  16. IO/IOMain/hdf5
    Preprocessor definition is interpreted incorrectly (This is a Lahey compiler-specific issue).
  17. IO/IOMain/hdf5
    Interface INTENT statement is inconsistent with the implementation. Unused memspace causes HDF5 error messages. Lack of error code checking. Logic for calling Particles_updateAttribute for writing a checkpoint file is wrong if it was just called for writing a particles file.
  18. IO/IOMain/hdf5
    Function argument mismatch.
  19. IO/IOParticles
    Error with restarts when using the Cosmology unit: io_nextParticleZ variable is not initialized correctly.
  20. IO/IOParticles/hdf5/parallel
    There are dangling hdf5 handles which may cause memory leakage.
  21. physics/materialProperties/Viscosity/Spitzer
    Actual computation of Spitzer viscosity is wrong.
  22. Particles/ParticlesInitialization
    Logic for multiple particle types needs tweaking.
  23. Simulation/SimulationMain/Jeans
    Internal energy not initialized properly. Inconsistent use of lb vs gr_blkList(lb). LEAF should be ACTIVE_BLKS to be consistent with logic. delta_max_par, delta_max not initialized correctly and isFirst is an integer not a logical.