Runtime Parameters Documentation for FLASH Release 3.2

    dr_abortPause [INTEGER] [2]
        Valid Values: 0 to INFTY
        When Driver_abortFlash is called to abnormally end execution, and
        dr_abortPause is grater than zero, the FLASH Driver_abortFlash code will
        sleep for dr_abortPause seconds after writing explanatory messages (to
        standard output and, possibly, to log files) but before calling
        MPI_ABORT. See also eachProcWritesOwnAbortLog for controlling the
        generation of per-processor log files.
    dtinit [REAL] [1.E-10]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Initial timestep
    dtmax [REAL] [1.E5]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Maximum timestep
    dtmin [REAL] [1.E-10]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Minimum timestep
    eachProcWritesOwnAbortLog [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        Should each process writes messages to its own log file when
        Driver_abortFlash gets called to abnormally end execution? If true, each
        process in which Driver_abortFlash is called will attempt to write an
        explanatory message to its own log file, whether that file already
        existed or needs to be newly created.  If false, the Driver_abortFlash
        message will appear only in the regular log file (if the Logfile code
        unit is used), and normally only when Driver_abortFlash is called by the
        process with PE 0.
    nbegin [INTEGER] [1]
        Valid Values: 1 to INFTY
        First timestep
    nend [INTEGER] [100]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Maximum number of timesteps to take
    restart [BOOLEAN] [FALSE]
        Is this a restart run?
    sweepOrder [INTEGER] [123]
        Valid Values: 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321
        Determine the order of the directional sweeps
    tinitial [REAL] [0.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Initial simulation time
    tmax [REAL] [0.2]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Maximum simulation time
    tstep_change_factor [REAL] [2.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        The initial dt is multiplied with this factor at & every timestep, until
        it is limited by CFL condition & allowing users to specify very
        conservative initial dt.
    wall_clock_time_limit [REAL] [604800.]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        Total wall clock time limit (seconds)
    zFinal [REAL] [0.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        The final redshift in a simulation.  The simulation will stop
    zInitial [REAL] [-1.0]
        Valid Values: Unconstrained
        The initial redshift in a simulation.  < 0 if not being used.