Quick Reference Tips

Unit Implementation Conflicts

     Each I/O implementation must match the corresponding Grid implementation.
     The list below explicitly states the conflicts.

     Paramesh IO conflicts with any Uniform Grid Implementation
     IO/IOMain/hdf5/parallel/PM CONFLICTS WITH Grid/GridMain/UG
     IO/IOMain/hdf5/serial/PM CONFLICTS WITH Grid/GridMain/UG

     Similarly any UG IO conflicts with Paramesh2 or Paramesh3 Grid Implementations
     IO/IOMain/hdf5/parallel/UG CONFLICTS WITH Grid/GridMain/paramesh/Paramesh3
     IO/IOMain/hdf5/parallel/UG CONFLICTS WITH Grid/GridMain/paramesh/Paramesh2
     IO/IOMain/hdf5/serial/UG CONFLICTS WITH Grid/GridMain/paramesh/Paramesh3
     IO/IOMain/hdf5/serial/UG CONFLICTS WITH Grid/GridMain/paramesh/Paramesh2

Shortcuts - pre-defined setup shortcuts located in bin/setup_shortcuts
     Adding the +io shortcut to your setup call will cause the default				
     IO implementation to be picked up which is IO/IOMain/hdf5/serial/PM
     +io: --with-unit=IO/IOMain  

    Adding the +ugio shortcut to your setup call will pick up the uniform
    grid implementation AND the correct uniform grid serial IO implementation 

    +ugio: --with-unit=Grid/GridMain/UG --with-unit=IO/IOMain/hdf5/serial/UG	

    Adding +noio to the setup line will allow the user to run without any
    IO implementation

    +noio: --without-unit=IO/IOMain

    The user is encouraged to define other setup shortcuts in bin/setup_shortcuts