[FLASH-USERS] Not declared Parameters

ERNESTO ZURBRIGGEN ezurbriggen at unc.edu.ar
Thu Dec 7 09:38:52 EST 2017

Dear Chang Liu,
watching your .log file, it seems that you are not running the Sedov

The log file's 16th line is:
Setup syntax:    /sc/ile/home/ile0408/FLASH4.4/bin/setup.py -auto LaserSlab

And the 37th line is:

So, it could be that by an error you pasted the Sedov's flash.par in the
LaserSlab folder.


2017-12-07 4:15 GMT-03:00 刘畅 <changliu at mail.bnu.edu.cn>:

> Dear all users,
> I am a new user of FLASH code.
> When I tried to run the example of sedov explosion(flash.par is copied
> from /FLASH4.4/.../SimulationMain), I got a warning saids:
> WARNING: Ignored Parameters :
> These parameters were found in the flash.par file, but they were
> not declared in any Config file for the simulation!
> sim_pAmbient
> sim_rhoAmbient
> sim_expEnergy
> sim_rInit
> sim_xctr
> sim_yctr
> sim_zctr
> It's strange because I think they should be in the RuntimeParameters.
> Besides, sedov_hdf5_ck_* files cannot plot the correct results, the
> patterns are all blank.
> Could you please tell me how to fix it? The attachment is the .log file.
> Thank you!
> Chang Liu
> PhD candidate
> Institute of Laser Engineering
> Osaka University, Japan

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