Omega TDYNO platform used to demonstrate dynamo in the Pm order unity regime

Omega TDYNO platform used to study UHECR transport

Omega TDYNO platform used to demonstrate fluctuation dynamo in the laboratory for the first time

Composite image of FLASH output and experimental Schlieren image from the Vulcan experiments

Modeling of experiments at the National Ignition Facility to study fluctuation dynamo and thermal conduction

Formation of jet driven by a ring of Omega laser beams

Thermonuclear flame plume rising in a column

Rayleigh-Taylor driven thermonuclear combustion

Thermonuclear flame plume bursting through the surface
of a white dwarf

The original Gravitationaly-Confined-Detonation simulation

Detonation phase of the GCD model

The DDT model of SnIa

Laser driven Rayleigh-Taylor Richtmyer–Meshkov instabilities

Galaxy Cluster Merger

Weakly compressible homogeneous isoptropic turbulence